Bachelor Party Stripper Packages
Sinful Strips  -   ny, nj & pa

Bachelor Party Strips  -  ny, nj &  pa

Philadelphia Super Strippers  -  philly, pa

Atlantic City Super Strippers  -  atlantic city, nj
Ready for some real fun? You can try and prepare for a show like this, but when you see two girls start to 69 a foot away from you, all self composure is sure to disappear!
If you don't see what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to call or email us. 
Bachelor Party Strippers is happy to meet any reasonable request! 
all shows are full nude 
the hardcore lesbian toyshow is included!
lap dances are full contact - no silly "air dances"!
stage 1 -- trash the guest of honor 
The party begins with the strippers surprising and teasing the Guest of Honor - trashing him to the crowd's approval. Giving him a sexy lap dance, taking off his shirt, lying him down on the floor, a handcuffing him, spraying whip cream all over his chest and licking it off are all just the beginning of the best bachelor party ever! The girls will then invite him to participate in their lesbian toyshow! 

stage 2 -- hardcore lesbian toyshow 
As stated at the top of the page, the lesbian toyshow is often the highlight of the party! The strippers will start off by having the groom, best man, and other guests help them use their naughty toys! The show includes (but is certainly not limited to!) the use of vegetables, double headed dildos, and strap-on toys. Our strippers love to kiss, finger and 69! This show is created to be as TRIPLE X as possible, but can be tamed down upon request. 

stage 3 -- party games 
Each one of our sexy strippers has her own special signature talent and party game. Some of the girl's love to deep throat giant toys or super long bananas, while others are talented dominatrix that just love a fresh bottom to spank! Some of the games offered include “Around the World", "Feed the Kitty”, “Oil Rubs”, "Brazilian Bikini Wax”, “Bush Beer Mudslides”, "Fuck The Foot" and the very popular "Pussy Pie Eating Contest". 

stage 4 -- lap dances and special requests 
At this point, the girls will start offering lap dances to everyone. Treat yourself to a dance which always includes lots of mutual contact! Add a 'touch' of grinding & you'll be BEGGING for more! 

Special Requests will also be available at this time.
Platinum Bachelor Party Package
Hardcore Lesbian Toyshow
The lesbian toyshow is fully interactive, allowing you and your guests to join in on the fun. The show involves lots of sexy toys, kissing, whip cream, handcuffs, cucumbers and tons of other exciting and stimulating games & gags!
· Police Officer
· Pizza Delivery
· Waitress
· Room Service
· Mrs. Claus
· French Maid
· Naughty Nurse
· Job Applicant
· New Client
· Party Guest
· Cheerleader
· School Girl
· Nerdy dork
· Military
· Fireman
· Cowgirl
· Dominatrix
· UPS Delivery
· FedEx Delivery
· School Teacher
· Jane of the Jungle
· Limousine Driver
· Delivery Person
· Stranded Motorist
· Bachelor Party
· Boats/Yacht Party
· Birthday Party
· Super Bowl Party
· Divorce Party
· Christmas Party
· Office/Company Party
· Retirement Party
· Going Away Party
· Back to School Party
· Graduation Party
· "Just for fun" Party
· Fraternity Party

· Casino Night
· Topless Card Dealer
· Entertaining Clients
· Fetish Catering
· Topless Waitress
· Topless Bartending
· Sports Events
· Fundraising Events
· Hot Oil/Mud Wrestling
· Corporate Events
· Promotional Events
· Wet T-Shirt Contests
· Strip O Gram
We do NOT require a depositWe will, however, need a major credit card in order to hold your reservation. 

Your credit card will NOT be charged & NOTHING will  show up on your card bill. 
For more details, view our cancellation policy.

Payment is expected in full, in cash, at the time of the girls arrival. 
              Deposits & Payments
Step 1 -  Visit the Strippers page.
Step 2 -  Choose your favorite Strippers.
Step 3 -  Pick up your cell, call us & BOOK IT.
Factor 1 -  availability  -  so book early boys!
Factor 2 -  chemistry  -  without that "spark" for each other, watching 2 hot strippers 69 is like paying to watch paint dry!
2 factors help us decide which of the strippers you select will perform at your bachelor party!
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Picking the Strippers
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