"It's Pledge Week!"

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Frat Party Strippers

Super Strippers provides ​​​​​​​​​​​fraternity party strippers for frat parties in your city!  Stripper Night is one night in Fraternity life garunteed to show your frat brothers in a different light! It is definitly a good idea to pregame for an hour befor the strippers arrive to the fraternity house (but not more, because you don't want to be sloppy, and trust us, the strippers will be serving TONS of booze)!

There is nothing like watching the morals your fraternity brother's and pledge's parent's instilled in them sliiiipppp away as a bunch of hot strippers spank them with giant dildos!

The Super Strippers' services are fully customizable, so you can taylor your gorgeous strippers for as long or as short of a time as you need. They will arrive in super sexy outfits and can stay clothed in sexy attire, or strip down to a g-string to fully nude - again, it's up to you!​

Our Super Strippers are also available as cocktail waitresses and bartenders!

Oil Wrestling

What's more fun than ​fraternity party strippers? The answer is ​Oil Wrestling Strippers! Ok, so envision this: an elaborate oil wrestling ring, your weakest pledge and two naked, oily strippers ready to take him down! 

Super Strippers brings it all. From the Oil Wrestling Ring, to the washable lube, and everything else needed for a succesful oil wrestling party!

oil wrestling ring
oil wrestling strippers