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Meet the Tiny Twins!
As seen on Lifetime's Little People Atlanta!
Meet The Midgets
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    Midget Stripper
  2. female midget stripper
    Midget Stripper
  3. female midget stripper
    Midget Stripper
  4. female midget stripper
    Midget Stripper
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    Midget Stripper
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    LEAH & DEE
    Midget Strippers

What You Need to Know When Booking Midget Strippers

Midget Strippers Are Expensive

Midget Stripper Shows' Are Short

Book Your Midgets In Advance

Midgets are a hot commodity in the world of bachelor parties! They will not only make your party epic, but your friends will remember them for years to come! Midget strippers are special, so they obviously cost more!
Midgets' bodies are obviously not like a "normal" sized strippers body. Midget strippers tire more easily and are performing more as a "novelty" experience as opposed to a "sexy" one. So expect the show to last 30-45 minutes.
While we can usually send our "normal" size d strippers to your party last minute, please try and book your midget strippers as far in advance as possible. We have far fewer midget strippers available and they are in high demand!