oil wrestling strippers


Oil Wrestling Strippers

Super Strippers provides ​​​​​​​​​​​everthing needed for a fantastic ​​oil wrestling strippers party! Whether this is for a public event, a bachelor party, fratenity party or just for fun - you can't go wrong with an oil wrestling ring and a couple of gorgeous lubed up strippers! 

What to Expect
  • As stated above, the girls bring everything, you will need a large open space for them to set up the ring. If the space is indoors, have a tarp to go underneath the ring.
  • The show last approximatly 90 minutes but can go as long as two hours. Plenty of the party goers will have a chance to join the girls in the ring.
  • It's a good idea for guests to bring bathing suits
  • The girls will need a place to shower off afterwards - this is also where they will perform a super sexy shower show for everyone!​​

Our Super Strippers are also available as cocktail waitresses and bartenders!
oil wrestling strippers
oil wrestling ring
Please keep in mind that this is more expensive than an average stripper show.

While our strippers do have fun doing an oil wrestling show and do get "into" it, they do have to get "messy" and it takes alot of time afterwards to shower and clean up and get "work ready" for their next show of the night, so we have to pay them a lot more.

So, if you're on a budget, please consider sticking to a regular performance (which is still an AWESOME time)!