"...Super Strippers are a 
Best Man's BEST FRIEND..."
For most bachelor parties, the gorgeous female strippers are the hightlight of the evening! The Platinum Bachelor Party Package is a four stage , all inclusive, show.

All 4 Stages, 1 Spectacular Price!

Stage 1 -- Trashing the Guest(s) of Honor
The party begins by roasting the guest of honor (the groom) and the best man. The strippers start the bachelor party by trashing them to the crowd's approval - getting them on their hands and knees, whipping them, gagging them, spraying them with whipped cream and giving them a sexy double trouble lapdance are all just the begining of the best bachelor party ever! After the lapdances the girls will invite the guest(s) of honor to join in Stage 2 - the Lesbian Toyshow!  

Stage 2 -- Hardcore Lesbian Toyshow
Are you ready to be blown away? The highlight of your night is about to start! The girl on girl lesbian toyshow has been designed to be as hardcore as possible! Our gorgeous strippers go all out - using everything from cucumbers and bananas and whipped cream to power drills squirting beer out of beer bottles - talk about a ranchy wild show! We promise your boy's have never seen anything like it!

Stage 3 -- XXX Party Games
Each one of our wild and talented female strippers has her own signature xxx party game! Have you ever hear of "F*ck the Foot"? You'll have to use your imagination for that one! From a sexy dominatrix looking for a new bottom to spank to a schoolgirl that loves to deepthroat giant toys - our girls play all sorts of games! Some of the games offered are: “Around the World", "Feed the Kitty”, “Oil Rubs”, "Brazilian Bikini Wax”, “Bush Beer Mudslides”, "Fuck The Foot" and the very popular "Pussy Pie Eating Contest". 

Stage 4 -- Lap Dances & Special Requests 
At this point, the girls will start offering lap dances to everyone. Treat yourself to a dance which always includes lots of mutual contact! Add a 'touch' of grinding & you'll be BEGGING for more!

Special Requests will also be available at this time.